By Caroline Lindstrom Baylor Sports Contributor
By Caroline Lindstrom
Baylor Sports Contributor

Baylor acrobatics and tumbling team (2-2) will face an undefeated Oregon, Saturday at the Ferrell Center in Waco, Texas at 6:30 p.m.

“We still have some of our toughest competitors ahead of us, in Oregon, and we know the skill set they bring to the table,” head coach LaPrise Harris-Williams said.

The Bears suffered a 5.83 point loss to Oregon in their first meet of the season. Oregon is the three-time reining NCATA National Champions. Harris-Williams said Oregon is always polished, with their skills perfected.

“Oregon has a strong team and hasn’t lost in a long time, but I know we have the skills to beat them if we are clean and sharp,” junior Bresha Pierce said.

The Bears are coming off their first two wins of the season, in a tri-meet against Hawai’i Pacific and Azusa Pacific. Harris-Williams said each woman on the team stepped up and worked as a unit to get the wins.

Harris-Williams said freshman Kiara Nowlin, sophomore Kelci Ortiz, Pierce and seniors Tori Jackson, Lynn Herbst and Lori Williamson stood out in the meet. She said these women were not rattled by anything, and served as leaders for the rest of the team.

“Now that our record is 2-2 we see it as a clean slate for us to be confident going into the rest of the meets this semester,” Ortiz said.