By John Medina
HOT Sports Net Staff
KISD board of trustees vote 5-1 to no longer play games at Hood Stadium. (Courtesy photo.)
KISD board of trustees vote 5-1 to no longer play games at Hood Stadium. (Courtesy photo.)

KILLEEN – The Killeen Independent School District Board of Trustees voted 6-1 on Tuesday to no longer play games at Ft. Hood’s Hood Stadium, KNCT Sports reports.

The KISD Board decided to look into going back to Thursday night and Friday night games at Leo Buckley Stadium in Killeen beginning this season.

“I’ve had several complaints from community members about the tension that has arisen during those games,” Board member Corbett Lawler told KWTX.

“When we play games at Hood Stadium, the fans are all on the same side, and as a long time high school principal, I’ve seen many games in which there is a great deal of tension caused when you’ve got fans sitting on the same side. I’m just bothered by that. I’m afraid there’s great potential for some harm someday and I don’t want that to happen,” he added.

KISD began playing varsity football games at Hood Stadium in the fall of 2012 in order to avoid playing varsity games on Thursday evenings. Hood Stadium fees were approximately $4400 per game last year which included facilities rental, staff support (security, ushers and custodial), electrical and water costs. The District paid $39,458 for the nine varsity games played at Hood Stadium in 2013. The costs associated with playing football games at Buckley Stadium are approximately 30 percent higher than the cost incurred at Hood Stadium.

The KISD board unanimously approved a multi-use agreement with Fort Hood in June of 2013, which included language that allowed the district to lease the stadium for games. A divided KISD board of trustees then voted 4-3 to approve the construction of two multi-use locker rooms at Fort Hood Stadium for the 2013 football season.