Texas Lutheran kicker Tyler Hawkins converted a field goal that was initially blocked, but kicked it again after it bounced on the ground to lift the ball through the uprights for 3 points.

With seven seconds remaining in the first half of Division III game against Belhaven (Miss.) Saturday afternoon in Seguin, Hopkins had his 18-yard field goal blocked by a Blazer defender. Only no one from Belhaven or Texas Lutheran had the chance to get to the loose ball.

But was the kick legal?

The NCAA’s football rulebook says “a player shall not kick a loose ball,” and doing so is a 10-yard penalty that carries a loss of down, SBNation reported.

“A scrimmage kick that fails to cross the neutral zone continues in play. All players may catch or recover the ball behind the neutral zone and advance it,” SBNation reported, citing the NCAA rulebook.

It overshadowed the first shutout victory for Texas Lutheran since 2008 as the Bulldogs intercepted three passes in the 37-0 win.